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Flexible Thread Protectors (BSP & JIC), Paint Masks & Tapes, Dust Protectors, Refrigeration Caps, Tube Inserts, Cable End Caps, Custom Moulds, Grips & Decorative Caps, Powdercoating Masks & Tapes. Caps: pipe, rubber, EPDM, furniture, heat shrink, cable. Plugs: electrical safety, furniture, pipe. Tape: polyester, high temperature,. Tube Inserts: plastic. FLEXIBLE VINYL PRODUCTS: Custom moulding,Short Caps, Long Caps, Rectanglar Caps, EZ Tab Caps, Square End Caps, Hanger Caps, Vinyl Plus Plugs,Flange covers,Bend Restrictors. POLYETHYLENE PRODUCTS: End Caps, Tapered Caps & Plugs, Threaded Caps, Threaded Plugs, Pull Ring Plugs, Side Pull Plugs, Hydraulic Kits,Tear Caps,Electrical Connector Caps & Plugs,BSP & JIC Threaded Caps & Plugs. MASKING PRODUCTS: Silicone Caps, Silicone Plugs, Silicone Tapered, Plugs/Stoppers, Hi-Temp Tape, Hi Temp Dots, Masking Kits,EPDM Plugs & Caps,Silicone Tube

HI-Q ELECTRONICS LTD (Sole NZ Agent) - Albany Auckland
+64 +9 415 3333+64 +9 415 8686
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