Importers & Distributors of Conveyor Belting & Components, PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber, Plastic Modular, Cog Positive Drive, Special Fabrication, PTFE Coated Fabrics Tapes & Belts, & Industrial Transmission Equipment. Helical Worm & Reduction Right Angle Gear Motors.

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68A Greenmount Drive East Tamaki
PO Box 10340 Te Rapa Hamilton 3241
NEW ZEALAND +64 +9 274 3500
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Abattoir Equip and or Supplies- NZ
Abattoir Equip and or Supplies-Auckland
Agricultural Equipment- NZ
Agricultural Equipment-Auckland
Automation Equipment Suppliers- NZ
Automation Equipment Suppliers-Auckland
Bakery Machinery Suppliers- NZ
Bakery Machinery Suppliers-Auckland
Bakery Machinery, Repairs and Maintenance- NZ
Bakery Machinery, Repairs and Maintenance-Auckland
Bearing Suppliers- NZ
Bearing Suppliers-Auckland
Belting Mnfrs, Suppliers, Service- NZ
Belting Mnfrs, Suppliers, Service-Auckland
Beverage Processing Plant- NZ
Beverage Processing Plant-Auckland
Brewery Equip Mnfrs- NZ
Brewery Equip Mnfrs-Auckland
Butchers Supplies- NZ
Butchers Supplies-Auckland
Carton Systems- NZ
Carton Systems-Auckland
Chains industrial- NZ
Chains industrial-Auckland
Confectionery Machinery- NZ
Confectionery Machinery-Auckland
Conveyor Designers- NZ
Conveyor Designers-Auckland
Conveyors- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Auckland
Electrical Switch Gear- NZ
Electrical Switch Gear-Auckland
Electronic Equipment- NZ
Electronic Equipment-Auckland
Engineers-PTFE Plastic
Exporters- NZ
Farm Machinery- NZ
Fasteners, Industrial- NZ
Fasteners, Industrial-Auckland
Fish Processing Machinery- NZ
Fish Processing Machinery-Auckland
Flooring Safety- NZ
Food Chain Equipment- NZ
Food Chain Equipment-Auckland
Food Machinery- NZ
Food Machinery-Auckland
Food Processing Technology, Consultants- NZ
Food Processing Technology, Consultants-Auckland
Food Processors, Packers, Distributors- NZ
Food Processors, Packers, Distributors-Auckland
Forestry Equipment- NZ
Forestry Equipment-Auckland
Fruit Handling Equipment- NZ
Horticultural Supplies, Equipment- NZ
Horticultural Supplies, Equipment-Auckland
Hoses and Fittings- NZ
Hoses and Fittings-Auckland
Importers General- NZ
Industrial Instruments- NZ
Industrial Instruments-Auckland
Insulating Materials- NZ
Laser Cutting Services- NZ
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment- NZ
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment-Auckland
Lubricants- NZ
Machinery Importers, Dealers- NZ
Machinery Importers, Dealers-Auckland
Magnets and Materials- NZ
Magnets and Materials-Auckland
Mat Mnfrs, Distributors- NZ
Materials Handling Equipment- NZ
Materials Handling Equipment-Auckland
Meat Processing Equip/Materials- NZ
Meat Processing Equip/Materials-Auckland
Mining Equipment- NZ
Mining Equipment-Auckland
Packaging Consultants- NZ
Packaging Consultants-Auckland
Packaging Machinery- NZ
Packaging Specialists- NZ
Packaging Specialists-Auckland
Packaging Suppliers- NZ
Packaging Suppliers-Auckland
Plastics Machinery- NZ
Plastics Machinery-Auckland
Printers Supplies- NZ
Pulp and Paper Machinery- NZ
Pulp and Paper Machinery-Auckland
Quarry Equipment- NZ
Quarry Equipment-Auckland
Recycling Services, Equipment- NZ
Rubber Goods Mnfrs, Dist- NZ
Rubber Goods Mnfrs, Dist-Auckland
Sawmilling Equipment- NZ
Sawmilling Equipment-Auckland
Screen Printing Supplies- NZ
Stainless Steel Fabrication, Products- NZ
Stainless Steel Fabrication, Products-Auckland
Tapes Insulating- NZ
Tapes, Adhesive- NZ
Tapes, Adhesive-Auckland
Textile Machinery Mnfrs, Imps- NZ
Textile Machinery Mnfrs, Imps-Auckland
Transmissions, Industrial- NZ
Transmissions, Industrial-Auckland
Wheels- NZ
Woodworking Machinery- NZ
Woodworking Machinery-Auckland

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