Member of the Trade Zone Industrial Group Marine & General Engineering Supplies, Spareparts, Fittings & Fixtures, Safety Equipment, Castrol Oil & Fastenings.

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154 Beaumont St Auckland 1010
PO Box 90129 AMC Auckland 1142
NEW ZEALAND +64 9 358 0910
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Abrasives- NZ
Adhesives- NZ
Battery Charging Equipment- NZ
Battery Charging Equipment-Auckland
Bearing Suppliers- NZ
Bearing Suppliers-Auckland
Boat Maintenance, Pleasure- NZ
Boat Maintenance, Pleasure-Auckland
Bolts and Nuts- NZ
Bolts and Nuts-Auckland
Compressors and Equipment, Components- NZ
Compressors and Equipment, Components-Auckland
Electric Measuring Instrument Suppliers- NZ
Electric Measuring Instrument Suppliers-Auckland
Electrical Supplies Importers Distributors- NZ
Electrical Supplies Importers Distributors-Auckland
Hoses and Fittings- NZ
Hoses and Fittings-Auckland
Hydraulic Equipment- NZ
Hydraulic Equipment-Auckland
Importers General- NZ
Lifting Equipment- NZ
Lifting Equipment-Auckland
Marine Equipment- NZ
Marine Equipment-Auckland
Marine Plumbing- NZ
Marine Plumbing-Auckland
Marine Protective Coatings- NZ
Marine Protective Coatings-Auckland
Marine Safety Equipment- NZ
Marine Safety Equipment-Auckland
Measuring Instruments- NZ
Measuring Instruments-Auckland
Motor Accessories, Parts- NZ
Motor Accessories, Parts-Auckland
Painters Equipment and Supplies- NZ
Painters Equipment and Supplies-Auckland
Plumbers Supplies- NZ
Ships Chandlers- NZ
Ships Provedores- NZ
Ships Provedores-Auckland
Super Yacht Bldrs and Servicers- NZ
Super Yacht Bldrs and Servicers-Auckland
Tools Cutting- NZ
Tools Cutting-Auckland
Tools Electric- NZ
Tools Electric-Auckland
Tools Hand- NZ
Tools Hand-Auckland
Tools Hydraulic- NZ
Tools Hydraulic-Auckland
Tools Pneumatic/Equipment- NZ
Tools Pneumatic/Equipment-Auckland
Trailers and Parts- NZ
Trailers and Parts-Auckland
Welding Equip Mnfrs Suppliers- NZ
Welding Equip Mnfrs Suppliers-Auckland

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