ISO9001-2008 Certified
Specialist Switchboard Manufacturers. Switchboard Design Engineers. Industrial Control Systems. Power Factor Correction. Generator and Synchronisation Control Systems. Irrigation Control Systems. Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters. Plant Automation. Type Tested Switchboards. Motor Control Centres. Electrical Control Equipment. Exterior Cubicles. Distribution and Control Systems. CAD Drafting. Cable and Core Identification Systems. Custom Built Exterior Rated Cabinets. Marshalling Cabinets. Sheetmetal Fabrication

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22 Rotheram St Annesbrook Nelson 7011
PO Box 2034, Stoke Nelson 7041
NEW ZEALAND +64 +3 547 8301
Freephone 0800 547 8301
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Automation Equipment Suppliers- NZ
Automation Equipment Suppliers-Nelson
Cable Equipment- NZ
Cable Equipment-Nelson
Electrical Control Equipment- NZ
Electrical Control Equipment-Nelson
Electrical Switch Gear-Nelson
Power Factor Control Equipment- NZ
Power Factor Control Equipment-Nelson
Switchboard Mnfrs- NZ
Switchboard Mnfrs-Nelson
Switchgear- NZ

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