Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services. Switchboard Design & Manufacture under Licence - National & International. Automation PLC Systems Integartors & Scada Systems - Capital Projects. Security & Access Control. Digital Surveillance Systems. Fire Protection Systems. Power Transmission and Speed Reduction Products. Alternative Power Systems. Pool and Submersible Pumps.

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15 Dunlop Rd Onekawa Napier 4110
PO Box 3002 Napier 4142
NEW ZEALAND +64 +6 843 6383
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Access Equipment- NZ
Access Equipment-Napier
Automation Equipment Installers- NZ
Automation Equipment Installers-Napier
Automation Equipment Suppliers- NZ
Automation Equipment Suppliers-Napier
Cable Equipment- NZ
Cable Equipment-Napier
Cable Installation Contractors- NZ
Cable Installation Contractors-Napier
Computer Aided Design- NZ
Computer Aided Design-Napier
Computer Cable Installers, Assemblers- NZ
Computer Cable Installers, Assemblers-Napier
Computer Hardware- NZ
Computer Hardware-Napier
Computer Networking Specialists- NZ
Computer Networking Specialists-Napier
Computer Repairs, Maintenance- NZ
Computer Repairs, Maintenance-Napier
Data Communication- NZ
Data Communication-Napier
Development Software, Computer- NZ
Development Software, Computer-Napier
Draughtsmen, engineering- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Napier
Electrical Contracting High Voltage- NZ
Electrical Contracting High Voltage-Napier
Electrical Contractors- NZ
Electrical Control Equipment- NZ
Electrical Control Equipment-Napier
Electrical Maintenance- NZ
Electrical Maintenance-Napier
Electrical Switch Gear- NZ
Electrical Switch Gear-Napier
Fire Protection Material or Equipment- NZ
Fire Protection Material or Equipment-Napier
Gate Designers and Manufacturers- NZ
Internet Installation Services- NZ
Motor Control Centres- NZ
Packaging Consultants- NZ
Packaging Consultants-Napier
Packaging Machinery- NZ
Packaging Machinery-Napier
Radio Digital Systems- NZ
Radio Digital Systems-Napier
Radio Linking- NZ
Radio Linking-Napier
Robotic Specialists- NZ
Satellite Communication, Maintenance- NZ
Satellite Communication, Maintenance-Napier
Satellite Linking- NZ
Satellite TV Consultants- NZ
Satellite TV Consultants-Napier
Satellite TV Equipment- NZ
Satellite TV Equipment-Napier
Security Equipment- NZ
Security Equipment-Napier
Security Management Consulting Services- NZ
Solar Electric Panels- NZ
Solar Electric Panels-Napier
Switchboard Mnfrs- NZ
Switchboard Mnfrs-Napier
Television Closed Circuit, CCTV- NZ
Video Phone Suppliers/Installers- NZ
Wind Power Systems Designers- NZ
Wind Turbine Installers, Operators- NZ

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