THE MECHANICAL SEAL SPECIALISTS Supply, Repair, Overhaul, Design & Manufacturer of Mechanical Seals. We have in house capability to manufacture, design, recondition and supply Mechanical Seals. Automotive Water Pumps Service and Supply. Also Manufacturers and Suppliers of Refrigeration and Pneumatic Compressor Parts (under Valve Plate Services brand)

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160 Withells Rd Avonhead
Christchurch 8042
NEW ZEALAND +64 +3 358 9226
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Compressor spares:
Automotive Component Mnfr/Imp- NZ
Automotive Component Mnfr/Imp-Christchurch
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing-Christchurch
Compressors and Equipment, Components- NZ
Compressors and Equipment, Components-Christchurch
Mechanical Seals- NZ
Mechanical Seals-Christchurch
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds- NZ
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds-Christchurch

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