AUCKLAND (NZ) Thermo Tech Australia Pty Ltd Sydney Australia Refrigerated Display Cabinets, Dehumidifers Commerical & Domestic, Design & Build Refrigeration, Coolrooms, Chillers-Liquid & Glycol, Freezer Rooms, Heating & Airconditioning Equipment & Supplies

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PO Box 58581 Botany
Auckland 2163
NEW ZEALAND Freephone 0800 271 127
Freephone Australia
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Air Conditioning Home, Commercial- NZ
Air Conditioning Home, Commercial-Auckland
Air Quality Analysis, Testing- NZ
Air Quality Analysis, Testing-Auckland
Cool Stores Rooms- NZ
Engineers-Heating & Ventilating
Heat Pump Systems- NZ
Heating Equipment- NZ
Heating Equipment-Auckland
Humidity Control- NZ
Ice Making Machines- NZ
Ice Making Machines-Auckland
Marine Equipment- NZ
Marine Equipment-Auckland
Refrigerated Transport Suppliers/Service - NZ
Refrigeration- NZ
Ventilation Installation Service- NZ

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