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Specialists in Electric Motor Rewinding, Sales, Service and Repair. Fast, Reliable, 24 Hour Quality Service for Electric Motors, Kiln Motors, High Temperature Motors, Low, Medium and High Voltage Motors, Traction Motors, Generators, Wind Generators, Hoists, Pumps and Heat Pumps, Compressors and Refrigeration Compressors. Rewind, Repair and Balancing of all types of Rotors. Comprehensive Engineering Facility capable of rebuilding or fabricating new shafts and repairing damaged motor frames. Lifting Capacity 12 Tonnes.

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13 Broken Hill Rd Porirua
PO Box 56-019 Porirua Wellington 5022
NEW ZEALAND +64 +4 237 8767
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Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing-Wellington
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Wellington
Fans- NZ
Generators- NZ
Motor Rewinders- NZ
Motor Rewinders-Wellington
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds- NZ
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds-Wellington

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