Gisborne rewinds
Electric Motor Rewinding Specialists. Sales, Service and Repairs - Various Brands and Types of Electric Motors, Generators, Pumps, Electric Power Tools, Industrial Fans and Welders. Solar and Windpower Products and Systems Design & Installation. Vibration Analysis for Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery.

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338-340 Childers Rd Gisborne 4010
PO Box 2165 Gisborne 4040
NEW ZEALAND +64 +6 868 8181
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Coil Winding- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing-Gisborne
Compressors and Equipment, Components- NZ
Compressors and Equipment, Components-Gisborne
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Gisborne
Energy Management- NZ
Energy Management-Gisborne
Fans- NZ
Generators- NZ
Machinery Maintenance- NZ
Machinery Maintenance-Gisborne
Motor Rewinders- NZ
Motor Rewinders-Gisborne
Onsite Electric Motor Analysis- NZ
Onsite Electric Motor Analysis-Gisborne
Power Factor Control Equipment- NZ
Power Factor Control Equipment-Gisborne
Power Supplies- NZ
Power Supplies-Gisborne
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds- NZ
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds-Gisborne
Pumping Equipment- NZ
Pumping Equipment-Gisborne
Solar Electric Panels- NZ
Solar Electric Panels-Gisborne
Tools Electric- NZ
Tools Electric-Gisborne
Tools Hand-Gisborne
Transformer Distributors- NZ
Transformer Distributors-Gisborne
Vibration Analysis and Control- NZ
Vibration Analysis and Control-Gisborne
Welding Equip Repairs Service- NZ
Wind Power Systems Designers- NZ
Wind Turbine Installers, Operators- NZ

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