Master Distributors of Security Access Equipment.General Access Radio Frequency Equipment. Water Purification Systems (To meet the standards of the US Dental Testing Authority - University of Tennessee). Manufacturers of Church Pulpits & Conference Centre Lecturns made from perspex.

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5 Grampian St Casebrook 8051
PO Box 4319 Christchurch 8140
NEW ZEALAND +64 +3 359 9542
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Access Equipment- NZ
Access Equipment-Christchurch
Alarms, Intruder, Fire- NZ
Alarms, Intruder, Fire-Christchurch
Battery Mnfrs Wholesalers- NZ
Battery Mnfrs Wholesalers-Christchurch
Builders Supplies- NZ
Builders Supplies-Christchurch
Communication Systems and Equipment- NZ
Communication Systems and Equipment-Christchurch
Electrical Control Equipment- NZ
Electrical Control Equipment-Christchurch
Energy Management- NZ
Energy Management-Christchurch
Exporters- NZ
Fire Protection Material or Equipment- NZ
Fire Protection Material or Equipment-Christchurch
Gate Designers and Manufacturers- NZ
Hospital Equipment Supplies- NZ
Hospital Equipment Supplies-Christchurch
Hotel and Motel Supplies- NZ
Hotel and Motel Supplies-Christchurch
Importers General- NZ
Lighting Mnfrs, Whlers- NZ
Lighting Mnfrs, Whlers-Christchurch
Locksmiths- NZ
Power Factor Control Equipment- NZ
Power Factor Control Equipment-Christchurch
Security Equipment- NZ
Security Equipment-Christchurch
Time Equipment- NZ
Time Equipment-Christchurch
Water Treatment Plant/Equipment- NZ
Water Treatment Plant/Equipment-Christchurch

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