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47 William Pickering Drive Rosedale
Auckland 0632
PO Box 300858 Albany
Auckland 0752
NEW ZEALAND +64 +9 448 5001
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Pump/Valve Packings:
Abattoir Equip and or Supplies- NZ
Abattoir Equip and or Supplies-Auckland
Asbestos Replacement Products- NZ
Asphalt Plant, Equipment- NZ
Asphalt Plant, Equipment-Auckland
Bakery Machinery Suppliers- NZ
Bakery Machinery Suppliers-Auckland
Bakery Machinery, Repairs and Maintenance- NZ
Bakery Machinery, Repairs and Maintenance-Auckland
Bearing Suppliers- NZ
Bearing Suppliers-Auckland
Beverage Processing Plant- NZ
Beverage Processing Plant-Auckland
Bitumen Equipment- NZ
Bitumen Equipment-Auckland
Blowers, Industrial- NZ
Blowers, Industrial-Auckland
Boat Fittings Manufacturers- NZ
Boat Fittings Manufacturers-Auckland
Boiler Maintenance- NZ
Boiler Maintenance-Auckland
Brewery Equip Mnfrs- NZ
Brewery Equip Mnfrs-Auckland
Building Services, Maintenance- NZ
Building Services, Maintenance-Auckland
Chemical Process Plant- NZ
Chemical Process Plant-Auckland
Chocolate Processing Equipment Manufacturers- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing- NZ
Compressor Rebuilds, Servicing-Auckland
Compressors and Equipment, Components- NZ
Compressors and Equipment, Components-Auckland
Confectionery Machinery- NZ
Confectionery Machinery-Auckland
Conveyors- NZ
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies- NZ
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies-Auckland
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Auckland
Engineers-Brewery, Wine, Soft Drink
Engineers-Heating & Ventilating
Engineers-Military Equipment
Engineers-Plant Installation/Serv
Fish Processing Machinery- NZ
Fish Processing Machinery-Auckland
Fleet Maintenance- NZ
Food Machinery- NZ
Food Machinery-Auckland
Forestry Equipment- NZ
Forestry Equipment-Auckland
Machinery Maintenance- NZ
Machinery Maintenance-Auckland
Marine Equipment- NZ
Marine Equipment-Auckland
Meat Processing Equip/Materials- NZ
Meat Processing Equip/Materials-Auckland
Mechanical Seals- NZ
Mechanical Seals-Auckland
Mining Equipment- NZ
Mining Equipment-Auckland
Oil Burners and Equipment- NZ
Oil Burners and Equipment-Auckland
Oilfield Service Companies- NZ
Oilfield Service Companies-Auckland
Packings Mechanical- NZ
Packings Mechanical-Auckland
Packings and Jointings- NZ
Packings and Jointings-Auckland
Petroleum Processing Plant, Equipment- NZ
Petroleum Processing Plant, Equipment-Auckland
Pharmaceutical Equipment, Supplies- NZ
Pharmaceutical Equipment, Supplies-Auckland
Pipes and Fittings- NZ
Pipes and Fittings-Auckland
Pulp and Paper Machinery- NZ
Pulp and Paper Machinery-Auckland
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds- NZ
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds-Auckland
Pumping Equipment- NZ
Pumping Equipment-Auckland
Refrigeration- NZ
Super Yacht Bldrs and Servicers- NZ
Super Yacht Bldrs and Servicers-Auckland
Tannery Machinery and Equipment- NZ
Valves- NZ
Waste Water Maintenance- NZ
Waste Water Maintenance-Auckland
Water Pump Specialists- NZ
Water Pump Specialists-Auckland
Water Treatment Plant/Equipment- NZ
Water Treatment Plant/Equipment-Auckland
Winemaking Equipment- NZ
Winemaking Equipment-Auckland

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