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Petroleum Tank Manufacturers. Vacuum Tanks, Air Receivers, Fuel Storage Tanks. Oil Gas & Solid Fuel Boilers. Industrial Fan Manufacturers. Pollution Control. General Engineering

Address and contact details

19 Taurus Pl Christchurch 8062
Box 19757 Woolston Christchurch 8241
+64 +3 389 7149
Freephone 0800 829-622
Phone: +64 +3 389 7149 Fax: +64 +3 389 7078
Email: sales@taymac.co.nz. Website: www.taymac.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Boilers &/or Boilermakers Engineers-Design Engineers-General Engineers-Manufacturing Fans Petroleum Processing Plant/Equip Pollution Control Tank Manufacturers
We are a well established (over the 100 years in business) Christchurch based engineering marketing company , with a manufacturing base. We have developed a reputation of producing high quality products at a very competitive price. Designers and manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment. Also general engineering both mild and stainless steel. Contract manufacturing to your drawings or to complete/partial design using our own qualified design staff. Full installation service provided.
We also offer a general mild steel fabrication service such as support brackets, frames, metal covers etc. These can be either Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated or Painted finished.
We have a modern and extensive work shop which enables us to take general engineering projects which have recently included bulk storage hoppers, dredges, conveying systems and pumping stations.
Through our long history we have been heavily involved in the manufacture of industrial centrifugal fans anywhere in the range of 3 to 600 Kilowatts. We have specialized in designing and manufacturing a high quality product over a broad and often challenging range of duties.
We manufacture oil, gas, coal and waste wood fired hot water boilers within the 100 to 2000 Kilowatt range. This includes package boilers and sectional boilers to suit both industrial and commercial requirements.
We offer a range of fuel, chemical and industrial tanks. Our fuel tanks are used in transport, forestry, contracting, farming, aviation, and marine industries. All tanks are designed and built to comply with the relevant standards including dangerous goods, OSH and building codes.
We offer an international range of grit arresters and bag filters for boiler flue gases to help keep our air clean..
Manufacturers of EnviroVault environmentally protective double skinned fire-rated tanks.
Manufacturer: EnviroVault - above ground self bunded tanks , concrete tanks , farm fuel tanks , fire rated tanks , fuel tanks , petrochemical tanks. Multiclone - grit arrestors , pollution control. Taylors - air receivers , air vacuum units , centrifugal fans , combustion fans , exhaust fans , extractor fans , fume handling fans , hot water boilers , industrial fans , paddle fans , sewer treatment plant fans , solid fuel boilers , swimming pool boilers. Taymac - above ground self bunded tanks , air handlers , centrifugal fans , combustion fans , dangerous goods fuel tanks , dust extractors , exhaust fans , extractor fans , farm fuel tanks , fuel tanks , fume handling fans , industrial fans , paddle fans , positive pressure fans , pressure vessels , sewer treatment plant fans , silos , storage tanks. Manufacturer: Heatpak - coal fired boilers , hot water boilers , pellet boilers , sectional boilers , solid fuel boilers , water tube boilers , wood fired boilers. Manufacturer under Licence: Hoval - calorifiers , diesel fired boilers , gas fired boilers , hot water boilers , oil fired boilers.
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