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Distributors Industrial Tools & Equipment. Go Kart Racing Supplies & Equipment.

Address and contact details

22a Tomoana Rd
(Opposite Coventry Rd)
Hastings 4120
+64 +6 876 2994
Phone: +64 +6 876 2994 Fax: +64 +6 876 2993
Email: sales@tecdistributors.co.nz Website: www.tecdistributors.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Abrasive Blasting Equipment Abrasives Ducting Mnfrs/Dist or Installers Dust & Fume Removal Engineers-Supplies Hoses &/or Fittings Motorsport Equipment Suppliers Nozzles Pipes & Fittings Pneumatic Tools/Equipment Pumping Equipment Spray Painting Equip Sprayers-Industrial Steam Cleaning Equip Strapping -Polypropylene-Mnfrs Tools-Hand Tubes & Tube Systems Valves
Mobile -Tony Turner 0274-83-25-83
Master Agent Lower North Island: -All spray nozzles - air, agricultural spray, airless spray, blast, ceramic, CIP, controlled droplet, eductor, fire hose, flow, foam spraying, fountain, fuel, high pressure water, hose, humidifying, industrial spray, LPG, lubrication, misting, mixing, needle jet, oil burning, refuelling, sand & grit blasting, spray etc, nozzle accessories. etc
Agent: Viking Ironcraft ducting and dust extraction equipment.
Distributors of:
INDUSTRIAL HOSE, TUBING & WASHDOWN GUNS:- Rubber & PVC tubing and hoses, suction and delivery hoses
Alfagomma, Arianna, Australia, Bacco, Bandama, Dayco, Emair, Eolo, Etna, Flexquip, Foodflex, Gates, HCD, IPL, IVG, Lola, Marte, Michigan, Nettuna, Oroflex, Petzetakis, Plutone, Pipeline, Premoflex, Puerto Rico, Rysol, Saturno, Skellerup, Strata, Sunny, Superwash, Tipsa, Toronto, Thermoid, Titan
Compressor fittings, flare fittings, pipe fittings, metric compression fittings, airline fittings.
John Guest speed fittings, Metalwork Pneumatic fittings.
NTA fittings, push to connect fittings , PBR fittings, NPT pipe fittings and accessories, Road Ranger fittings.
Suzi coil sets. Fifth wheel slide kits, nylon airbrake tubing, rubber airbrake hose, emergency breakdown kits, spring brakes & service chambers, brake valves.
Galvanised pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, nylon pipe fittings.
Aro air couplers and fittings, Nato Camlock , Camlock Hose and pipe fittings , Ludeke air fittings, Pipeline WAM hose and pool fittings, Turnflo valves, brass fittings.
Hose clips, clamp kits, pipe retaining clips, stainless steel clips.
Band-it s/s strapping and clamps,Adjustable clamps . Bandimex s/s strapping and clamps, Bessey clamps . Breeze hose clips, Cobra clamps, Euro Seal hose clips, Jorgensen clamps. Mikalor super clamps, Neta Garden products, Norma Clamps and clips , Pony clamps. Trojan clamps.
Eximo modular & flexible ducting, industrial hose Pipeline flexible ducting, Speedlock modular and flexible ducting, Spiroflex flexible ducting, Viking Ironcraft ducting and extraction systems, Vulcano flexible ducting
Aigo hand tools, grip pliers, welding clamps, Wrenches:- adjustable, double ring, flexi-combination, combination R&OE, sets, Alemite lubrication, grease guns and grease nipples, pumps, hose reels, Alfra Punches. Alltrade tools, Ames True Temper hickory handles, sledge hammers, Ampro air tools, air tool accessories, hand tools, socket sets, automotive specialty tools, Arrow Staple Guns. Bahco chisels, files, scrapers, saws. Baier saws. Bailey tools, Ballinger tube benders. Bayard hand tools, engineering tools, measuring tools, Bell key steel, Bellota horse rasps, hammers & cold chisels, Bessey clamping products , Bellcraft plug cutters, countersink bits . Blu-Mol hole saws , Boa Hacksaws, wrenches . Bordo drills and cutting tools, Britool spanners, sockets, hammers & accessories, Cedarberg snap-loc air and hose systems, CK boring bits, pins dowel, files, pliers, screwdrivers, Champion automotive and engineering assortments, Channelock pliers. Collar files, Cooper hand tools, Crescent screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, measuring equipment, Crescent pliers. Crown Chisels , Estwing chisels, cowbars, hammers, punches, Eclipse Dividers, Calipers, Ezi Products Hand and power hacksaw blades. Fuller chisels, mallets, knives, screwdrivers, pliers . Gartner builders hardware, General Wire tools. GFB Drilling Bits, Screwdriver Bits , Hall countersinks and drills, IDAS gloves, IMP Eastman tube benders. Limit measuring tools, Lufken rules, measuring tapes, hand tools, measuring wheels, Magnum fuel cells, Monument tools. Nicholson tapes, soldering irons, files and blades, plumb hammers, shovels and trowels, Oetiker clips and clamps, Savage tap & die set, SKG screwdrivers , Smart Home flyscreen & flyscreen components, mesh, Teng tools, Weller soldering irons, power tools. Wiss snips & Xcelite knives, Eagle abrasive wheels, Egamaster plumbing tools, bolt cutters, pliers and adjustable wrenches, Eklind allen keys . Erdi snips, Evacut jobber drills, stub and panel drills, long and extra long series drills, reduced-shank drills, drill set guides and drill sets, masonry drills, spade bits, auger bits, tool bits, Felo trade-quality screwdrivers and screwdriver sets, Fisco builders levels, rules, tapes, squares. Fisher Squares. Garryson flap wheels, flap discs & Saftex wheels, General Rules. GE5 Safe-t-Lite, GFB blades chucks. Gilbow shears. Globe abrasives, Good Hand toggle clamps, Greenlee boring bits. Groz engineering and hand tools, HIT bolt cutters, hand tools, crow bars, pliers. Hanson chalk, punches, measuring tapes. Huntington wheel dressers and centres , Irwin hand tools, saw blades. Jackman Tool holders. Jaz industrial brushes and wire wheels, hand brushes , DIY brushes, Jacobs drill chucks, chuck keys, arbors & extensions, JK hand files, Kawasaki tools, Kastar automotive tools, KD automotive tools, King Tony hand tools, Koken socket sets , Komelon measuring tapes, Longrun paint scrapers. Lynn River Tool Holders. Manor bolt cutters. Marathon ball pein hammers, Marshaltown trowels. Midwest snips. Mityvac automotive test kits and accessories, Morse hole saws, jigsaw blades . Noga deburring tools, NT trade-quality snap-off blades and knives, Osborn wire brushes , Pacific Handy razor blades, utility blades and safety cutters, PCL tyre pressure gauges, PEC engineers tools & measuring equipment, PG glass cutters . PG Mini precision rotary tool bits and accessories , Porta keyless chucks, jigsaw blades. Powerbuilt tools, Pryor marking punch sets & type, Q Max sheet metal punches, Recoil thread repair systems, Record bolt cutters, clamps, tube benders, vice drill press. Remgrit circular saw blades , Robotec cut off wheels. S & G abrasives, Safa tool boxes. Scala calipers, dividers, micrometers . Scangrip self-locking pliers, SIT brushes. SKC tap and die sets, Snappy screwdriver bits. Stanley chisels, knives,. planers, punches. Sun Tiger/King professional water stones, SP tools. Stanway crowbars. Star-M auger bits. Surform files. Sutton jobber drills, stub and panel drills, Morse taper shank drills, CNC stub drills, drill sets, specialist drills- centre spotting, wood, glass and tile, masonry bits, countersink and deburring tools, screw extractors, 3i metal holesaws and arbors, taps, tungsten chrome alloy tap & die sets, dies, die nuts and holders, slot drills - threaded shank, imperial and metric, reamers - metric, hand and machine, pin punchers and sets, screwdriver bits, jigsaw and reciprocating saw blades, lock-jaw self-adjusting locking pliers, Sykes-Pickavant automotive and panel repair tools, torque wrenches, mechanical and hydraulic pullers & kits, T-Cut jigsaw blades. Team Mechanix tools, Thor mallets, hammers. Toolware chisels, files. Topman trade-quality auger bits, nail buster augers, power bits, bell hanger auger bits, wall board saws, pull saws, wrecking bars, hand tools, Tokyo Rika measuring wheels, Tome Feteira files, Toledo rules, measuring tapes. Torin hydraulic jacks, shop presses, axle and engine stands, tool carts, dent pullers, Trades Pro tools, Ullman specialty tools, inspection mirrors etc, Ultra hacksaw blades, jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades , Unison tools. Vallorbe Swiss-made precision files , Vertex measuring equipment, Vitrex Jigsaw blades, chucks, files. Warrensvile thread repair files , Will trade-quality circlip pliers and general pliers, Wiss snips. Worldwide hand tools, automotive accessories, safety equipment Yamayo rules, measuring tapes. . Zeron crowbars, hammers, plumb bobs.
Spraying Systems Co
Matting, Mouldings & Extrusion, Sheeting
Thorndon rubber products, Skellerup rubber products
Abrasives, brushware, hacksaws & drill bits, cable ties, assortments, taps & dies, lubrication equipment, valves and taps, general engineering consumables, adhesives and sealants, general compounds, spray paints and primers, fastenings - bolts and nuts, washers, etc..
Ados products , Alteco epoxy glue, super glue, epoxy putty, paint pens, Autosol metal polish, stainless steel cleaners and polishers, boat cleaners and polishers, Black Knight tyre shine, acid-free wheel cleaner, Blacksteel vices, Centrylon insulation, Cigweld welding machines & equipment, CRC products, Cyclone mesh and nets, Elsea vacuum cleaners, Fertan rust remover and protector , Floor Safety products , Frost drill sets, holesaw sets, Great Neck hand tools, Gunna washdown guns, Hammerite metal protection paint- hammered, smooth and satin, rust converter, rust beater, rust remover dip, thinners, Handycan beeswax and paint, Heat-Trans heat transfer system , Hermetite gasket compound, exhaust repair, silicon sealant, Hylomar gasket compound , Ironclad gloves. James Pem fastening assortments. Kiran architectural hardware and brassware, KT cable accessories Loctite products, Machine Works generators, drill presses bandsaws, bench grinders Magic epoxy glue, Marquip compressors, spray equipment, Neta Garden products, Nito washdown guns, Rocol products, Supatool soldering irons, staple guns, welding rods, hand tools, Spitfire compressors, StoA extension cord hanger, Starrett precision tools, cutting tools, measuring gauges, callipers etc. Stayer drills, Sterling knives, measuring tapes, hand tools, THM automotive mirrors, Titan spray equipment Tricircle padlocks, Trade Quip air tools, automotive tools, workshop tools, handling equipment, hydraulic tools, etc VHT spray paints, Wellmade spray equipment, air tools, hand tools, Wren Bird night latches, dead locks and cylinders Worldwide assortments, clamps, cable ties, hinges, tape, general hardware.
SUPPLIERS of brass fittings.
Go-Karting Supplies :
Kiwikarts- Go-Kart components, seats, tyres clothing Aim - Kart data loggers Lightning - Racegear. Micron - Kart data loggers Smarticam - Kart camera & camcorders ORG - Race wear OTK - parts - TEC Racing Karts and supplies TONY - Karts CRG - Karts Maranello - Karts Arrow Karts
Kiwi - Karts MG- Tyres Kartech. Micron - Data Loggers Aim - Data Loggers Alfano - Data Loggers Smarty Cam
Plugs Yamaha - Motors Raket Motors DID Chains
CZ - Chains Douglas - Rims Belray Oil Castrol R30 - Racing Oil Sniper - Alignment Equipment
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