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Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Wheelchairs, Wheelchair SmartDrive Power Assist Device, Mobility Equipment & Accessories, Motorsport & Off-road recreational vehicles and bikes. Aeroplane passenger transfer chairs.

Address and contact details

108 Sawyers Arms Rd Papanui 8052
PO Box 35059 Shirley
Christchurch 8640
+64 +3 354 5616
Phone: 0800 463 576 Fax: +64 +3 354 4356
Email: sales@melrosechairs.co.nz Website: www.wheelchairs.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Disabled Persons Products Kart Mnfrs Motor Cycle &/or Accessory Dist Motorsport Equipment Suppliers Wheelchair Mnfrs or Distributors
5671 Fast Fountain Way
Fresno C.A 93727
Freephone 866-764-5526
Manufacturers of manual wheelchairs for all applications. Wheelchair parts and accessories.
New Product: Wheelchair " SmartDrive " power assist device. A revolutionary new power assist device that gives greater freedom and power to chair users. - See our website for full specifications:
To go - just push as per normal, the unit remembers your speed and maintains it until you brake as per normal to stop. It rotates freely on the camber bar so can accommodate wheelies and curbs with ease.
Although its range is 16 km and it can whisk you along at over 7 km per hour, its greatest trick is its portability. The SmartDrive unit hooks onto a pin attachment that is fixed to your camber bar - the battery slides under the seat, hooking over the sling with one connecting wire plugging into the drive unit.
Because it is attached to the camber bar a fixed frame wheelchair with camber bar is required.
Powerful enough to cruise up hills, over thick carpet and through grass.

Product Range Includes:
Portable comode chairs.
Aeroplane passenger "transfer chairs". These specially designed chairs are extremely lightweight, strong and fully adjustable to meet international airline requirements.
Brands & Models:
Melrose Hawk - lightweight adjustable wheelchair made in Titanium
The Stallion: provides comfort for everyday use. Multi-positioning axles, fold down back, rigid footplate, adjustable front castor. Approx basic weight 9.5kg
The Panther: Ultra light weight, adjustable camber bar, fixed castor position, fold down back, rigid footplate. Approx basic weight 8.5kg.
The Piranha: Ultra light weight, titanium or aluminium construction .Aluminium model with fixed seat height & camber bar. Titanium model with adjustable seat height & camber bar. Approx basic weight 8.0kg
The Condor: Aluminium construction, adjustable axle, two piece fold away foot plate, adjustable front castor, seat back angle 5 degree, camber set at 3 degrees. Approx basic weight 11kg.
The Rhino: Castors roller blade, aluminium wings, anti-tips with roller blades. Approx basic weight 10kg.
Shockwave: Suspension wheelchairs.
Childrens Sized Wheelchairs :
Stallion Junior: childrens sized fixed frame wheelchair.
Titanium Junior: childrens sized fixed frame wheelchair.
Melrose Kea: childrens sized fixed frame wheelchair.
Total Mobility aluminium & steel wheelchairs, walkers and shower stools.
Also Sole NZ Agents for uniquely designed "Spider wheels" spoke free, easy maintenance .
Agents for Spinergy lightweight wheels for sports and day use and Xcore 25" carbon fibre wheels. Topolino wheels.
Importers, Sales & Service of recreational and off-road go-karts, motorcycles, ATV bikes and scooters
Importers and Distributors of Power Chairs and Scooters
PO Box 35059 Shirley Christchurch
Ph(03)354-4938 Fax(03)354-4356 Freephone(0800)220 110
Shoprider Power Chairs with adjustable armrests, adjustable back and footplate. Easily disassembled, powerful efficient motors, anti-tips for added stability, non-marking wheels and deep cycle batteries.
Scooters by Shoprider offer six different models. Easy to drive and control, super quiet and smooth, quick adjustment, safe braking system, cas aluminium wheels, easy to disassemble. Complete with a range of accessories
Manufacturer: Condor - wheelchairs. Melrose - go-karts , mobility vehicle wheels , motor cycles , motor scooters , sports wheelchairs , wheelchair accessories , wheelchair shower trays , wheelchair tyres , wheelchair wheels , wheelchairs. Melrose Kea - wheelchairs. Melrose Offroader - wheelchairs. Melrose Sports - sports wheelchairs. Melrose Tilt'N'Space - wheelchairs. Panther - wheelchairs. Piranha - wheelchairs. Stallion - wheelchairs. Stallion Junior - wheelchairs. Titanium Junior - wheelchairs. Total Mobility - shower seats , stools , walkers , wheelchairs. Sole NZ Agent: Rhino - sports wheelchairs. SmartDrive - electric wheelchairs , wheelchair accessories , wheelchair controls. Spider-wheels - wheelchair wheels. Sun wheelchair wheels - . Xcore - wheelchair wheels. NZ Agent: Cheng Shin - mobility vehicle tyres , wheelchair tyres . Multi-lift - wheelchair accessories. SHOX - solid tyres , wheelchair tyres . Topolino - wheelchair wheels. Agent: Kenda - wheelchair tyres . Melrose Hawk - wheelchairs. Schwalbe - wheelchair tyres . Spinergy - wheelchair wheels. Sole NZ Agent: Shoprider - disabled persons vehicles , electric scooters. Zippy - disabled persons vehicles , electric wheelchairs.
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