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Industrial Automation Equipment - Electrical Control Equipment - Ethernet Industrial Switches & Media Converters- Ethernet Cables & Fittings - Fibre Optic Cables.

Address and contact details

PO Box 2376
+64 +3 479 2002
Phone: +64 +3 479 2002 Fax: +64 +3 479 2003
Email: sales@mantis-sys.co.nz Website: www.mantis-sys.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Antenna Systems Automation Equipment Suppliers Cable Equipment Cables-Control Repairs Communication Systems & Equip Computer Cable Install/Assembly Computer Hardware Computer Networking Computer Software Computer Software Development Data Communication Electrical Component Mfrs/or Whle Electrical Switchgear Fibre Optic Fibres/Equipment Gear Mnfrs/Imps Power Factor Control Equip Radio Linking Switchgear
Mantis Systems Ltd is distributor of B&B Electronics RS-232/422/485 products, RS232 to RS422 / RS485 converters, isolators, surge suppressors, Line Boosters, Repeaters, ISA and PCI boards, PCMCIA to Serial RS-232/422/485, USB to Serial RS-232/422/485, Ethernet to Serial servers,, PCMCIA cards, Expressport cards.
Gridconnect (US) Industrial communications/networks, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Serial to Ethernet, Ethernet Intercoms, Ethernet Sensors, Bluetooth to Ethernet
Sole NZ Distributor: Etherwan Ethernet Switches, hardened switches, industrial switches, media converters, ethernet extenders, Ethernet serial servers.
Sole NZ Distributor: Topsccc - Expert Data Acquisition and Control, Modbus I/O, Industrial Panel Computers, Industrial Box computer, Serial Gateway, RS232 to 485 converter
Sole NZ Distributor: Ewon remote access modems and gateways.
Sole Distributor: Network Vision Inc - IntraVUE Ethernet Monitoring Software
Sole NZ Distributor: JLT - mobile computer, rugged tablet
Sole NZ Distributor: A-Born - Rugged mobile computer, rugged tablet
Sole NZ Distributor: DSE - mobile computer, monitor, daylight readable monitor, vehicle computer
Sole NZ Distributor: Cactus Technologies - SSD, industrial secure storage, memory
Sole NZ Distributor: ATP - SSD, industrial secure storage, memory
Sole NZ Distributor: Frontline - network analyser software, debug tools
Sole NZ Distributor: Transtector - surge suppression
Sole Distributor: Laird - antenna and aerial
Sole Distributor: Freewave - radio modem, I/O Radio
Sole Distributor: Brad Harrison - cordsets, cables and fittings, devicenet, profibus, ethernet
Sole Distributor: SST - PLC module, gateway
Sole Distributor: Applicom - PLC modules, gateways, PC cards
NZ Distributor: Western Digital - SSD, secure storage, memory
NZ Distributor: Apex Dynamics - planetary gearhead.
NZ Distributor:Thomson Micron - planetary gearheads.DuraTrue, UltraTrue, EverTrue, NemaTrue planetary gearhead. Accu-lock Zero Backlash Flexible Steel Bellows Coupling, Multi-turn Rotary Limit Switch.
NZ Distributor: Gemco - LDT, Linear Displacement Transducer
NZ Distributor of Ethernet cable & fittings and Fibre Optic cables, industrial communications, electrical control equipment, industrial automation control equipment, process control equipment, programmable industrial process control equipment.
South Island Distributor: Siemens Automation - PLCs, VSDs, Networks, HMI
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