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Pumping/Irrigation Engineers.

Address and contact details

33 Brisbane St Sydenham
Box 1723
Christchurch 8140
+64 +3 366 8371
Freephone: 0800 HARPER
Phone: +64 +3 366 8371 Fax: +64 +3 366 9350
Email: info@awharper.co.nz Website: www.awharper.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Filters & Filtration Plant Irrigation Equip Pumping Equipment Valves
A.W Harper Ltd are a specialist Pump Company established in 1947. We import, wholesale, retail and service a wide range of pumping and filtering equipment. Our extensive range of pumps and allied equipment along with our specialist team of sales and service staff ensure our customers receive the best possible product for the best possible price.
Our product range covers applications for domestic water supply, irrigation, sewage, pool pumps, fire fighting, diesel transfer, filtration and sterilisation, marine, food grade pumps and drainage.
Our Brands and Products:
Sole NZ Agent: Pedrollo Water Pumps: Centrifugal pumps.Centrifugal jet pumps.Peripheral pumps.Multi-stage pumps.Washdown pumps.Vat wash pumps.Irrigation pumps.Effluent disposal pumps.Submersible borehole pumps.Submersible drainage pumps.Hot water circulator pumps.Liquid ring pumps.Multi Station pump sets.Easy Press pump controllers.
Sole NZ Agent: BBC Water Pumps:Deepwell submersible pumps.Dirty water submersible pumps.Sewage submersible pumps.Submersible Motors 4" and 6".
Sole NZ Agent: Temco Pumps:Vat Wash pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: Ture Pumps:Centrifugal Irrigation Pumps.Washdown pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: Evak Pumps:Submersible Drainage pumps.Submersible sewage pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: A M T Pumps:Diaphragm sludge pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: Cadoppi Pumps:Self priming centrifugal pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: Rovatti Pumps:P T O pump sets.
Self Priming Effluent pumps.
Sole NZ Agent: Varem : Bladder style Pressure Tanks.
Sole NZ Agent : Aqua Tanks: Diaphragm style pressure tanks.
Sole NZ Agent: Brandoni Valves:Sewage check valves.Foot and check valves.
Sole NZ Agent: Luise Valves:Brass foot and check valves.
Sole NZ Agent: Mondeo Valves: Stainless foot and check valves.
Sole NZ Agent: P/S Seals : Mechanical seals.
Sole NZ Agent: Simmons :Well seals.
Sole NZ Agent: D G Flow :Inverter drives.
Sole NZ Agent: Atlas : Water filters.Water filtration.
Sole NZ Agent: Arag: Water filters.Water filtration
Authorised sales and distribution agents:
Grundfos pumps.Lowara pumps.Flyght pumps.Mono pumps.Yardmaster pumps.Wilden pumps.Southern Cross pumps.Onga pumps.DAB pumps.Honda pumps.Davies pumps.Tsurumi pumps.Renown pumps.Anderson pumps.Sta-Rite pumps.Goulds pumps.Ajax pumps.Davey pumps
Pentair pumps.Piusi pumps.Zenit pumps.
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