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Design, Supply & Commissioning of Industrial Plant & Equipment Smelter Equipment Design, Aerial Passenger Ropeways.Theme Park Rollercoasters. Gondola Systems Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Conveyors & Materials Handling Equipment Dust & Fume Collection Systems. Design Systems for Smelter Operations/Anode Handling Equipment. Crucible Design. Process Vessels & Pressure Pipework

Address and contact details

228 Dee St Invercargill 9810
PO Box 493 Invercargill 9840
+64 +3 218 4480
Phone: +64 +3 218 4480 Fax: +64 +3 218 8733
Email: chris@heaslip.co.nz Website: www.heaslip.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Air Conditioning Computer Aided Design Conveyor Systems & Equip Dust & Fume Removal Engineers-Automation Engineers-Consulting Engineers-Design Engineers-Environmental Engineers-Heating & Ventilating Engineers-Manufacturing Engineers-Mechanical Foundry Supplies Fume Sampling Analysis Heat Pump Systems Materials Handling Equip Process Design
Chris Heaslip BE(Mech). Eng.MIPENZ email: chris@heaslip.co.nz
Ragnar Berg Dip.Mech.Eng. Chartered Engineer. MIEAust email: ragnar@heaslip.co.nz
Designers of Smelter Equipment
Innovative design techniques for improving efficiency in smelter operations.
Including - MOBILE TAPPING TUBE CLEANING MACHINE - used in the reduction areas of aluminium smelters to clean the aluminium and bath siphon tubes while they are still connected to the tapping lid or crucible. This saves time and improves tapping efficiency. The machine is powered by compressed air and operates semi-automatically.
Other Products include: Self balancing lifting beams. 26 tonne ladle stand. 12.2 tonne crucible.
Refer to our website for details of services and projects completed.
Manufacturer: Agrippa - aluminium smelting equipment , forklift truck attachments , lift equipment , lifting-placing equipment. Ecotherm - commercial & industrial air conditioning , computer room air conditioning. Heaslip - aluminium smelting equipment , crucible tilters , dust collection machines & equipment , dust control equipment , dust proofing material , foundry crucibles , fume collection equipment , ladle tilters , smelting ladle tilters , smelting pot haulers , tapping machines-air , tube cleaning equipment , tube inspection system. Heaslip Design - aluminium smelting equipment , pressure pipe network , pressure vessels , process piping reticulation , pvc pressure pipes , smelting ladle tilters , smelting pot haulers. Heaslip Mobile Tapping Tube Cleaning Machine - aluminium smelting equipment , tube cleaning equipment. Himmelhopper - aerial ropeways , cable cars , flying foxes , gondolas , passenger conveyors , passenger ropeways. Intramax - abattoir conveyors , bakers conveyors , bi-planer conveyors , carton & case conveyors , conveyors , elevating conveyors , fish filleting conveyors , fruit moving conveyors , screw conveyors , special purpose conveyors , stainless steel conveyors , vegetable moving conveyors , vibratory conveyors , vibratory feeders. Kinetech - crucible tilters , foundry tongs , ladle tilters , smelting cell change-out machines , smelting ladle tilters. Manufacturer under Licence: Kinetech - .
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