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New & Used Industrial Equipment Distibutors. Outdoor Power Equipment. Professional Service Department - Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic. Industrial Cleaning and Treatment Products. Fuel Treatment Products.

Address and contact details

35 Quarantine Rd Nelson 7011
PO Box 2222 Stoke Nelson 7041
+64 +3 547 8000
Phone: +64 +3 547 8000 Fax: +64 +9 547 8006
Email: sales@opelindustries.co.nz Website: www.opelindustries.co.nz

Business type, trades, and services

Abrasives Cleaning Equip & Supplies Compressors &/or Equip/Components Construction Equipment Dust & Fume Removal Engineers-Supplies Fasteners-Industrial Gas - Bottled/Industrial Generators Hire Services Laser Alignment Specialists Machine Tools Machinery-Used Materials Handling Equip Measuring Instruments Pneumatic Tools/Equipment Spray Painting Equip Surveyors Instruments/Equip Tools-Cutting Tools-Electric Tools-Hand Vacuum Cleaners Water Blasting Equipment Welding Equip & Repairs/Service Welding Equip Mfrs &/or Suppliers Wheels Woodworking Machinery
Abrasives, Adhesives, Air Tools & Accessories, Automotive Refurbishing Products, Battery Chargers, Compressors & Air Equipment, Concrete Mixers, Construction Equipment, Construction Fasteners - Nails & Staples, Conveyor Equipment, Dust & Fume Extraction, Engineering Machinery & Supplies, Fuel Treatment Products, Gas Cylinders, Generators, Hand Tools, Hire Equipment , Hose Reels, Industrial Cleaning & Release Agents, Leveling & Measuring Tools - Laser / Digital, Lubricants, Machine Tools, Material Handling Equipment, Metal Working Lubricants - Paints - Protection, Nail Guns & Staplers, Outdoor Power Equipment, Power Tools for Trade - Industry - Farm, Precision Measuring Instruments, Pumps, Small Engines, Spray Painting Equipment, Tool & Truck Boxes, Used Machinery & Equipment, Vacuum Cleaners, Water Blasting Equipment, Welding Equipment - Consumables & Filler Materials. Wheels & Castors - Tires - Tubes, Trailer Equipment, Woodworking Machinery, Workshop - Qualified Service Department.
: S & S, Norton, Flexavit, Sunflex, Volmagz, Taipan
Loctite, Permabond, Ados, Galmet.
Air Accessories : Pneumatic Tube & Fittings; Hoses & Fittings; Filters; Lubricators; Regulators; Spray Guns: Norgren, SMC, Festo, AMX, Walcom, Aro, Rectus, Nitto, Pneutech.
Air Tools : Air Command, Ampro, S P, Sumake, I R, Shinano, Campbell Hausfield.
Automotive Products : Brunox, Z- Grip Filler, Rust Kill, Wicked Treatment & Polishing Products, Concept Paints, Griffith Accessories.
Battery Chargers : Telwin
Compressors : Air Command, Ingersoll Rand, Hindin Marquip, Tooline, Precision, Cecato, Puma, Pneutech.
Conveyor Products: Dyno, Rex, Hafco.
Concrete Mixers : Adco, Macma.
Dust & Fume Extaction : Tooline, Hafco, Chevpac.
Engineering Machinery: Large Range - includes Bramley, Tooline, Hafco, Camac, Chevpac.
Engineering Supplies : Drills, Taps & Dies, Measuring Equipment, Safety Equipment, Abrasives, Cutting & Grinding Wheels, Rotary Burrs, Counter Sinks, Rotary Wire Brushes etc: Sheffield, Sutton, Bordo, SKC, Tridon, Frost, Bosch, Dormer, Starrett, Blumol, Limit, Evacut, Linbide, Toledo.
Fasteners : Nails & Staples - Ecko, Delta, Eurocorp, Bostitch, Paslode, Senco, Sifco.
Fuel Treatment : Fuelset.
Gas Cylinders : Argon, ArgoShield, Co2, Oxygen, Nitrogen - Ownership & Refill Bottle Swap Service.
Generators : Petrol & Diesel to 500 KVA: GT Power, Honda, Mosa, Gentech, Powergen Hyundai - Welders / Generators - Powermax, Lincoln.
Hand Tools : Teng, SP, Toptul, Unison, Kinchrome, King Tony, Koken, Bahco, Wilde, Stahlwille, Fuller, Haus, Sulco, Irwin, Knipex, Linbide, Irega.
Hose Reels : Recoila, Tradequip, Hindin.
Industrial Cleaning & Releasing Agents: Liquid Engineering, CRC, Tergo, RCS.
Lubricants & Equipment : Aegis Oil, Alemlube, Arlube, Advance.
Machine Tools : Kennametal, Iscar, Toolmaster.
Levelling & Measuring : Accurate, Abacus, Bell.
Materials Handling Equipment : Hoists, Chainblocks, Trolleyjacks, Hydraulic Jacks, Trolleys, Carts: Pacific, Stratalign, Torin, Wayco, Tradequip, Rex, Wheelco.
Metal Working Lubricants : Protectives & Paints: CRC, Road, Galmet, Res-Q-Steel.
Nail Guns & Staplers : Ecks, Delta, Paslode, Bostitch, Makita, Air Command, Campbell Hausfield.
Outdoor Power Equipment : Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, Brush Cutters, Weedeaters: Makita.
Power Tools : Makita, Hitachi, Bosch, Metabo, AEG, De Walt, Skill, Festool, Milwauke, Bostich, Dremel.
Precision Measuring Instruments : Limit, Norbar, Mitutoyo, Insitu, Vertex, Browne, Measuremax.
Pumps : Honda, Bianco, DAB, Zenit, etc.
Small Engines : Honda, Lifan, Briggs & Stratton, Robin.
Spray Painting Equipment : Graco, Wagner, Star, Walcom, AMX.
Surveyors Levelling & Measuring Equipment : Accurate, Proshot, Abacus.
Tool & Truck Boxes : Teng, SAFA, SP, Tradequip, Kingchrome, Indac, King Tony, Toptul, Powerbuilt.
Vacuum Cleaners : Lavor, Starmix, Kerrick, Alto, Milfisk, Euro.
Water Blasters : Alto, Krangle, Karcher, Lavor, Fasa, Kerrick, Powershot.
Welding Equipment : Arc, Mig, Tig, Gas Sets, Plasma Cutters - for Industry & Casual Use: Telwin, Blueweld, Strata, Jassic, Miller.
Welding Accessories & Consumables : Arc Rods (includes specialized), Gas Rods, Mig Wire, Tig Rods, Helmets, Regulators, Torches: Telwin, Parweld, Lincoln, Strata, Kempi, Miller, Esseeti.
Wheels & Castors, Trailer Equipment : Treadway, Wheelco, IWL, Richmond, Falshaw, Rex, Caford, Sheppard, Trailequip, CM, Cebora.
Woodworking Machinery: Tooline, Trupro, Hafco, Holytek, Scheppach, Electra Beckum, Ascent, Titan, SCM.
Workshop : Qualified Service Department: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Pneumatic

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